Working Plan

The ERASER project focuses on self-explaining European roads. A state-of-the-art literature review has been completed that provided an overview of SER-approaches in Europe. The state-of-the-art review also provided a review of relevant road design principles that influence the degree to which roads are self-explaining.

An online questionnaire was used to determine the impact that different design pa-rameters had on speed choice. Using the results of the study, the ERASER project team has developed a speed management decision support tool for road authorities. This speed management tool uses road design attributes to calculate the ‘safe’ speed of the road, according to human tolerances of crash energy, and compares this to the posted speed limit and a calculated ‘credible’ speed. The tool provides an indication of which aspects of design might be ‘accelerators’ (i.e. influence the driver to increase their speed) and ‘decelerators’ (i.e. factors that might cause drivers to adopt a lower speed).

The tool provides practical suggestions on appropriate interventions for ensuring that speed limits are safe and credible. The decision support tool can be used by road authorities to help make their roads safer by applying the concept of self-explaining roads.