The ERASER project team develops a decision support tool for road authorities. This tool is based on the SaCredSpeed Tool, which has been developed by SWOV in cooperation with road authorities in the Netherlands. The tool is an algorithm that can be used as a basis for a speed management decision support instrument for road authorities.
As in many countries the number of crashes and black spots is decreasing, the road safety approach has to change. Road safety improvements should not wait until after crashes occur. The SaCredSpeed Tool is based on the idea that road safety can be improved even when crash data are unavailable. This proactive road safety work is especially important in countries, regions or areas with low casualty numbers and a high safety level.

Speed is an important Safety Performance Indicator (SPI) and there is a strong link with the cause of crashes and the severity of crashes. It is also necessary to consider that speed is always a factor in road crashes. SaCredSpeed includes the safety of speeds (speed limits), credibility (self-explainingness) of speed limits and enforcement of speed limits. There may be no clear definition of what a safe speed is. But a safe speed implies that the majority of crashes are survivable and the accident severity is decreasing at that speed. The credibility of the speed limit has to be included, because if the speed limit is credible drivers tend to accept the speed limits.

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