The ERASER project is funded by the ERA-NET ROAD Programme, which is a consortium of European National Road Administrations. ERA-NET ROAD is a research programme; its aim is to encourage joint research activities at European level. 

The ERASER project responds to Objective C (Comparison and Implementation of approaches: self-explaining roads in theory and practise) of the joint call for proposals for “Safety at the Heart of Road Design”. This is a cross-border funded, transnational joint research programme. The National Road Administrations of the following countries are part in this activity: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The ERASER project is part of the 2009 Call “Road Safety with focus on Self-Explaining Road and Forgiving Roadsides”. Five projects were selected by the ERA-NET ROAD consortium, which are listed below.

  • ERASER: Evaluations to Realise a common Approach to Self-explaining European Roads
  • RISMET: Road Infrastructure Safety Management Evaluation Tools
  • SPACE: Speed Adaption Control by Self-Explaining Roads
  • IRDES: Improving Roadside Design to Forgive Human Errors
  • EuRSI: European Road Safety Inspection

For more information about the ERA-NET ROAD programme see: